Windswept takes place on the continent-sized archipelago of Seris, whose inhabitants thrive off of their oceanic surroundings. Watercraft are common and sea travel is the highway between settlements ranging from the size of large metropolises to quiet towns that populate chains of islands. Most inhabited islands are small, usually self-governed towns. The largest are city states that have prospered as key ports, many of which have colonies under the protection of a national navy. Most populous and prominent among these is the Luran Imperium.

The further reaches of Seris tend to be small islands with few inhabitants living in self-sustaining communities. Many settlements trade locally to other island dwellers where the sea is easy to traverse. Clusters of islands tend to interact with each other frequently. The large or especially abundant areas of Seris receive more traffic from a wider area and have a greater reach with their tradings. Areas of the sea are considerably more dangerous than others, due to weather or monsters, which greatly affects common trade routes throughout Seris. There are also many notoriously lawless areas that cater to the discretions of criminals, pirates and other shady dealings.

The majority of inhabitants are human, but Seris is a land famed throughout the world for promises of high adventure and great, if dangerously acquired, wealth. As such, it attracts travelers of all sorts and is home to a wide variety of city-states representing races and cultures throughout the world. Luran and a few of the other large empires maintain embassies to certain world powers, though actual political dealings are few and widely gestural. The sea to the south of Seris is infamously treacherous and tales of ships that brave the crossing are mostly the stuff of myth, although few recorded instances have occurred. Land travel is possible over the bordering continent, but the journey is costly and tedious. Caravans are few and high expenses make traveling merchants wary to take on passengers for all but the most exorbitant of prices. Those that make the journey to Seris in search of treasure often find themselves soon hard on their luck with no way to return home.

Ancient Seris was the cradle of life for humankind and as such its past is dominated by relics of their past endeavors. A long history of studies in the arcane have left it filled with a great many items of considerable magical power and other such valuable items. The strongholds of long-dead wizards have many a times been the fortune of bold adventurers, though the number is a fraction of the amount of lives of treasure seekers they have claimed.


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