Day 3 - 1/1/11

Cryptic Hijinks

We returned to the fortress to find that all the bodies had been cleared while we were gone. Wary of the goblins who were undoubtedly aware of us now, we delved back underground and discovered that one of the passageways previously obstructed by rubble was now open. A brief glimpse inside revealed a crypt of sorts with a pedestal near the far wall holding a bird-like statue. One of the coffins to our right was ajar, and it seemed as if whatever treasures it may have held was already looted. Not to be outdone, we wisely decided to crack open an adjacent coffin only to be beset by several apparitions springing forth from it and the rest of the coffins. Conveniently, the statue also became decidedly hostile in response to our actions and hopped off its perch to join the fray.

The battle was frantic, but we managed to eke out a victory. While nursing our wounds, we managed to scrape away with a few gold coins, some homunculus dust that the dwarf insists is valuable, and an orb that I suspect is cursed or necromantic. Or both. Either way, it seemed a good fit in Boobsy’s all too willing hands as she practically jumped at the chance to put it to use. Hopefully our decision to let her won’t come back to haunt us.



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